The Diving Company ASPTR Ltd


The Diving Company ASPTR Ltd., which gained a lot of ехреriеnсе for many years of cooperation with both
Latvian and foreign clients, offers the below mentioned services during any time or season of the year on a high quality Ievel and at reasonable prices.
The managerial board and the team of divers are always ready to provide to our permanent and new clients. 


  The Соmраnу offers the services as follows:
* Underwater survey and inspection of vessels;
* Inspection of vessels in cooperation with classification companies;
* Vessel propeller screw grinding and polishing;
* Kingstone cleaning;
* Hermetical sealing of damages, fissures or cracks in hull of vessels, using updated methods;
* Breakdown and rescue services;
* Underwater video filming and photo shooting;
* Underwater blasting;
* Underwater metal welding and cutting;
* Survey and inspection of moorages and other hydrotechnical structures;
* Water and fuel pumping using submerged pumping units;
* Search and rescue for sunken objects;
* Consultations and issuance of estimates for performance of underwater works.